Ruth Tolkien horse riding in Cornwall

Horse Riding in Cornwall

Ruth Tolkien horse riding in CornwallLike fencing, finally getting on a horse was a childhood calling. After being asked initially what my objectives were when arrived for my first lesson by who is now one of my dearest and closest friends, I have to admit I probably unnerved her a little! Happening to mention galloping bare-back across beaches and into the sunset, my friend took me at my word!

Beginning in June 2011, by September I’d all but done away with stirrups and saddle. As part of a birthday present that year, in November I attended a day course in Windsor which included ‘riding the rings’ and the ultimate dream of carrying a sword (albeit a beautifully realistic-but-wooden one!) on horseback. Arguably perhaps I do have an “inner-elf”!

After nearly five years, I’ve been lucky enough to gallop across stunning Cornish beaches, truly ride into the sunset bare-back and bridle-less, learned to jump, trot, canter, groom and saddle up (or not!) as well as having a go a carriage riding and in the process satisfy a true ‘soul-call’.

In the future I’m looking at a further course in stunt riding and combined archery on horseback – I hope they have ‘safety arrows’!

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